Top hotel brands on every continent around the world are already using handy
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Top hotel brands on every continent
around the world are already using handy to drive revenues and customer loyalty.
handy is the single most
powerful hospitality solution
for uplifting revenue and
guest satisfaction.
The handy service has proven to elevate both the quantity and quality of partner hotels' online reviews. Studies conducted by leading hospitality management institutions have reaffirmed the capabilities of handy devices in helping hotel owners increase their revenue by 3.4%.
A Selection of Our Existing
Hotel Partners
  • “As a leading hotel in one of the world’s historic and cultural capitals, we’ve always looked to go beyond providing the best service possible not only within our premises, but beyond them as well, and to help our guests fully appreciate the majesty of Istanbul. Thanks to handy, we’ve been able to make that a reality for the first time – it’s just as easy to reserve a boat trip on the Bosporus as it is to order room service anywhere, anytime in this great city. Pragmatically speaking, it’s also been a solid revenue driver for us – in addition to being willing to pay more for handy, it’s a great means of enabling easier access to an expanded array of services on hand.”
    Rui Reis
    General Manager

    “Sitting as we do as a gateway to Asia, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore serves a diverse array of guests. To enable our guests to have a seamless experience in Singapore, handy’s offers a comprehensive resource. It allows us to understand our guests’ habits and preferences simply and easily.”
    Cavaliere Giovanni Viterale
    General Manager

    “As one of the leading cities in Asia, our guests are from all over the world. For many visitors we have served, we’ve noticed some shared challenges they all face – inconvenient methods of communication, not knowing where to go, or what to do. handy’s been a quantum leap forward in helping our guests solve these issues comprehensively, and in helping us help them as well. Moreover, we’ve never had a more useful method to understand our guests’ habits and preferences – handy’s Content Management System lets us view our guest behaviors like never before.”
    Mr. Melvin Lim
    General Manager

    “Ever since handy enters the Hong Kong market, we’ve followed its evolution with great interest. Now, as a full-fledged partner, we’ve been able to appreciate the versatility and value it offers to our guests, as well as to us. While everyone’s heard about its usefulness to recreational travelers looking to have their eyes opened to Hong Kong, we’ve also seen it be of immeasurable help to business travelers, for whom convenient connectivity and access to knowledge is key.”
    Philip Yu
    General Manager

    “For business or leisure travellers, Pan Pacific Singapore is a leading 5-star hotel in Singapore that is strategically located in the vibrant Marina Bay, next to unique shopping, entertainment, cultural and historical landmarks, offering guests stylish and spacious accommodation with state-of-the art technology. We are very excited to introduce handy as another special service for our guests and with its unprecedented functionality, user friendliness and rich content, we expect that it will be well-received and will contribute to the overall positive stay experience for our guests.”
    Gino Tan
    Area General Manager Singapore and General Manager

    “Having deployed handy across all of our hotels over the past six months, I’m happy to say that it’s succeeded in both enhancing our guests’ experience and unlocking new revenue opportunities for us. Our guests can rest easy knowing that they’re in good hands when looking for places to go or things to do, and we can involve ourselves in helping them more than ever. It’s a virtuous cycle, really – increased engagement begets better service, greater income, and ultimately a deeper understanding of how we can work best for our guests.”
    Ramesh Arora
    Managing Director

    “Over the years of our history, we’ve always kept an eye out for any means that would let us provide nothing less than the highest quality of service and understanding of our guests. With handy, we have an exciting channel that lets us uphold the highest of traditional service standards for a new, digital generation of guests, each of whom expects to be constantly connected socially as well to their destination of choice. Never has it been easier to explore the scenic Singapore River vicinity, reserve high tea whilst shopping in Orchard Road, or to contact our concierge for assistance from anywhere in Singapore.”
    Mr. Vincent Le Gorrec
    General Manager

    “As part of our commitment to deliver excellent guest experience, we are constantly exploring new innovations to provide an enhanced and memorable stay for our guests. handy is proven to be a great addition for us towards that end, where it has been especially helpful in increasing guest satisfaction and consequently, bringing a positive impact on our review scores.”
    Mr. Tuncay Bockin
    General Manager

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Positive ROI for Hotels from Day One
By extending hotels' potential service footprint with
diverse features proven to elevate
guest experiences
and feedback,
handy unlocks unexplored revenue opportunities
for the intrepid hotelier.
Increase Services Utilization
Unprecedented connectivity to hotel services via features such as handy's customized homescreen resets the bar for guest access, driving proven boosts to facilities utilization across the board.
Enhanced Guest Satisfaction
By offering features that augment hotel services, while adding critically needed functions such as content and connectivity, handy directly uplifts guest feedback, spurring increased awareness and bookings.
Supersized Marketing Footprint
Combining a fresh, high-traffic channel with a welcoming, user-friendly interface, handy offers a new window into the world with which to approach guests, allowing hotels to promote in-house services directly like never before.
Unrivaled Guest Insight
Thanks to handy's proprietary content management system, hotels can understand guest preferences at a much deeper level, harnessing high data traffic with concise analytics to optimize future offerings and revenue potential.
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