What’s included in handy Basic?

handy is a holistic IoT hospitality solution designed for hoteliers to increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and enhance guest engagement. Designed for modern travelers, handy offers in-destination travel content and free connectivity.
For your Guests
  • handy Smartphone
  • Free Local Calls
  • Free International Calls (5 IDDs)
  • Free 3G/4G Internet Connection
  • City Guide Content (English)
  • Virtual Room-to-Room Extension
For your Hotel
  • handy Analytics & Reporting
  • TripAdvisor with Rate My Stay
  • Hotel Display Banner
  • Direct Hotel Phone Lines (Max 4)
  • Push Messages (20 messages per device, per month)
Accessories & Software
  • handy Docking Station
  • handy Smartphone Case
  • handy Cable & Charger
  • handy Hotel Tent Card
  • handy ICON
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How can I get handy in my hotel rooms?

Simply click on ‘Get Started’ and add information about you and your business. You will receive an e-contract within 48 hours based on your needs.

How long does it take to launch handy at my hotel?

This is dependent on the location and number of orders placed. Once the contract has been signed, our handy team will be in touch to discuss a prospective timeline.

Do you have extra features?
Are there additional costs?

Your handy Basic package includes a bonus feature to cover 5% of your room inventory with spare handy devices at no extra cost. Additional features including handyCare+ insurance can be purchased on top with our handy Add-ons.

How long is a contract period?
What if I change my mind?

Your subscription is a minimum 24-month contract, you will only get charged once the devices are live at your hotel. Refunds will not be available for cancellation or downgrades.

When will handy start charging my hotel?

A fee is only chargeable when your devices are live and fully operational at your property. Training will be provided prior to handy launching at your property.

Can handy integrate with our hotel PMS?

Yes we can! handy could integrate with all major PMS at an additional set-up fee. Get in touch with us to learn more.

I’ve got further questions, how can I contact handy?

Chat with usfor additional details. Request a demo to talk to one of our representatives.