handy HotelPortal provides insight on guest behavioral preferences to maximize hotel services & outlets

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Push Messages
In-Room Services
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MICE Management
handy CRM

Guest behavioral insights

handy enables hotels to harness data and understand guest preferences to better serve travelers on an unprecedented level. With handy’s analytics platform, transform the in-stay hotel experience and boost guest loyalty.
handy Push Message

Drive activity to your outlets

Unlock tailored services that take the guest experience to whole new levels. handy Push Messages personalize communication and upsell facilities—in-room services, F&B, spa, and more.
handy In-Room Billing

Streamline operations

Support hotel staff with a powerful management system that ensures sustainability & profitability, while easing convenience with express digital services—in-room dining, shopping, billing and more.
handy Guest Satisfaction
Feature Highlight

Uplift guest satisfaction & loyalty

Enhance overall guest satisfaction and drive brand loyalty with handy’s TripAdvisor Rate My Stay. Encourage guest feedback and boost review entries by 11% with an average of 0.31 point higher ratings.
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